Why should you book a Boudoir Session? (You know you want to- let me help convince you!)

Why should you book a Boudoir Session? Well, there isn’t exactly a one size fit all answer.

You can book a session as a gift for someone else- They can have these sensual images to treasure, adore, and lust over- a steamy reminder of how sexy you are!

Or maybe you want to give this as a gift to yourself- It is a beautiful form of self-care and self-love. You absolutely deserve a day of pampering and praise! Your images will preserve this day for you, a day that you were the star, a day that you were beautiful, powerful, and sexy for yourself.

A boudoir session can also mark a momentous milestone in your life. It could be as light and fun as a flirty 40th birthday shoot or a celebration of perseverance from a physical or mental battle that you have conquered.

You can do a session alone or even together with your best girlfriends! Boudoir Party anyone??

Boudoir photography is a visual celebration of your body! Underneath the 9-5 grind, the mothering, the caretaking, the studying, the day-to-day is beauty, sensuality, and vulnerability.

We often forget about that woman, and a boudoir session is a way to bring her out to play again, igniting a spark of confidence and self-assuredness within you.

The possibilities are limitless; you only need to be ready!

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