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Mini Session Prep Guide

I cannot wait for your mini session! Here is a complete prep guide for you!

Start Immediately!

Increase water intake for clear hydrated skin

Moisturize your feet overnight every night to ease cracked heels

Stop tanning please! If you tan or apply fake tan, i cannot be responsible for your skin having an orange apperance, tan lines, or any splochy spots. Also, if you turn my white sheets orange i may be a little upset!

From Head to Toe!

Hair- Color may need a few days to settle in but you know your hair best!

Make Up- You are responsible for your own hair and make up for these sessions. If you would like hair and make up to be provided, there is a $120 charge and arrangements must be made ahead of time. ** For make up, please be all Matte. Shiny and glossy do not work well for photography. Please be sure to blend the make up down the neck. Many of our images show a lot of skin, so matching your foundation to your skin tone is incredibly important. And final note- please do not feel you need to cake on the foundation! I can very easily fix blemishes, but correcting make up issues is much more difficult. And go ahead and bring your make up for needed touch ups!

Nails- Please make sure your nails are in good shape. I cannot edit chipped nail polish or missing fake nails.

Shaving / Wax- Please shave the day before or wax well ahead of time to allow the skin time to heal. A few stray hairs are NOT a problem!! And a little next day stubble is not visible. Please don't stress about this.

Stretch Marks- We all have them. We all worry about them- I promise you these are ok! I will lighten them for you or remove where possible and IF desired.

Wardrobe- You will be connected with our Stylist Amanda. She will assist with wardrobe options. The MOST important thing here is FIT. Loose is better than tight. Size is irrelevant! If it fits without cutting into you, it is significantly better than being the 'right size' and causing lots of bulging and discomfort. So try all options on before arriving and move around to be sure its a good fit!

Lastly, Get Excited! Get Pumped! Know that once you arrive, you are in good hands! This all female staff will tell you exactly what to do with every part of your body. We will demonstrate poses and then coach you through them- from head, to torso, fingers, and toes!

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