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Before you begin!! 

Below are the images that are finished- they are up for grabs too. Their raw versions may be below but this is just how they finish out. You are welcome to share any image i share online. This choice will be for images you get for online use and for print quality. 

If you would like to order any products- here are the prices. Very nice quality (read as Trump) Very nice! They will outlive YOU! Unless you manage to destroy it before then :) 

To recap- you can choose 8 images for free- including shower pics 

Additional images are $100 for every 5 images you choose 


To create an album - around 10'x10' - you can add $200 and it will be for any and all images you choose

To create Acrylic Wall Art, here are the prices. All measurements are in inches- its a good idea to measure the wall to get a realistic view of what will fit and what will look good! I do wish you were here because i currently have a 20x20 and a 30x40 acrylic print in my hands! They are absolutely amazing! and heavy at that size lol 

Its basically a beautiful print with a thick piece of acrylic on top of it. The shine is really nice. And they are ready to hang.

8x12    $100

11x14   $150 <-- this is a really great size for a trio of images 

12x18   $170<-- this is a really great size for a trio of images 

12x24   $185

16x20   $200

20x24   $230

24x36   $350

30x40  $500

If you want to do 3 or more wall prints i will take $50 off

I also found a nice option for a TriFold- its like a book that opens to show 3 images and is around 8x10 - $50

No obligation to purchase anything. 

The filename should appear as you hover- this is how you will let me know what you want. 

There is a 'heart' option- if you can remove a heart then you can use this to mark your keepers. 

Please please let me know if you have ANY questions. 

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