Boudoir Frequently Asked Questions

Many people feel this is a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ experience... or they need a ‘special occasion’.. or that this could only be a gift for someone special. Yes, it could be all those things. But it could also be so much more. Once you have your first session you will see this does so much more for YOU than you could ever imagine. So don't wait around for that ‘special occasion’ or that ‘special someone’. Your time is NOW!!

We will guide you through this process, so there is no need to worry about any unwanted surprises

On the day of your boudoir session, you will come in well rested with a clean face and clean hair (unless your hair styles better dirty!). Wear clothing that is loose and does not leave lines on the skin. On time arrival is necessary as our days are scheduled. If a client is late we cannot add extra time at the end of the session due to the other appointments for the day.You will receive an hour of pampering in hair and make up. Our stylist and photographer will go over your wardrobe options and come up with a game plan for poses and locations. And then the fun begins! Our photographer will take you through the poses that really highlight your assets and show you at your best! After the session we will schedule your reveal session to pick out the images that you cannot live without! At the reveal session you will pick your package and the images you cannot live without and we will also pick out the details for your product order. Expected turn around time from this point is about three weeks.

Questions You May Have

Are these models in your photos? I’m just a normal woman....
No, these are not models! These are every day women who wanted to do something empowering just for them! They are moms, hairdressers, school teachers, entrepreneurs, accountants, and everything else! They are women that have scars, imperfections, tummies. They have a past they may not speak of but a future they look to. The only thing that separates them is their decision to do something for themselves. They decided to embrace their bodies and show their power. And you can do the same.

Every woman gets an hour of hair and makeup to reveal their full potential as well as access to a stylist to assist with their wardrobe selections. We will even go shopping with you!

We will walk you through the entire experience, leaving nothing to chance! We will coach you through poses and we will not take pictures that do not show you in your best light.

Every woman is beautiful. Let us show you!

Will my pictures be made public? I'm not sure i want these to be seen by anyone else.
You are in control of your photos. Every client will sign a model release that tells us if we are allowed to use your photos. We will NEVER tag you or use your name on any social media or our website. Your comfort and trust is very important to us.

Do I need to fix my hair and do my own make up?

No ma'am! Hair and make up is all part of the experience. When you book your session, you will be asked to pay a sitting fee. A portion of this money goes directly to the hair and make up artist. You will get an hour of pampering to start the day! 

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But I don't have any lacy lingerie. I cant do these sexy pictures with my wardrobe. 

Have we forgotten how sexy a woman is in just an over-sized button down shirt? In a bra and panties? How about a simple tee shirt? Everyone has their own style and these pictures are all about capturing YOU! So wear what makes you feel good. Go shopping for something new. Or just wear the bed sheets!


But I don't feel comfortable getting naked. In front of a stranger. With a camera. 

Well, I can see your point. But rest assured, there is no need to get naked!


You can choose your wardrobe. You choose your level of comfort.


Ok, if I do get naked... I'm so pale! Can I tan before the shoot? 

No. I mean, please don't. There are so many ways a fake bake or a tanning bed can go wrong in these pictures. Fake tanning will almost always come across as orange in photos. Trust me. And the lines that can develop on the hands and knees. And did you really get coverage on everything? If you must-please do so 4-6 days prior to the session so it has time to even out. And the tanning bed... your choice, but its really hard to cover all your goods with an even tan. And I will not be able to adjust the color differences with edits. Pale is not ugly. Pale is actually quite beautiful in a photograph.


But my skin, it’s not perfect. I've had kids. I have scars. 

Retouching of photos is included with your experience. Although, it will not be extensive. I will retouch minor blemishes and correct little pouches created by the pose or the wardrobe. Stretch marks can be reduced if requested. The biggest part of this experience is to embrace your beauty and to do that, we will not ‘Photoshop’ you into a doll. So wear your scars (if you want) and show your beautiful self!

If you do have specific concerns and questions I am happy to chat with you about this.

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Ok, you’ve convinced me. I see there is a ‘session fee’. What does that cover? 

A session fee gets you the following-

  • Your appointment slot

  • A wardrobe and style consultation

  • Access to a personal Stylist

  • An hour of hair and make up

  • Up to 1.5 hours of camera time

  • Pose coaching

  • Retouching of your best 40 images

  • A private photo reveal and ordering session scheduled at your convenience

  • A huge boost of confidence that is PRICELESS!


Reveal Session? What exactly is that? 

I will retouch the 40 BEST photos from the session for you to choose from. We will set an appt at your convenience to look over the images and you can choose then what package you would like to purchase. Reveal sessions must be schedule within 2 weeks of the photo session and a package must be purchased prior to or at the reveal session. A purchase must be made at this reveal session. You will receive a detailed price guide and I highly recommend showing this price guide to your partner prior to the reveal if you are bringing them to the reveal session. We don't want sticker shock on that day!


Ok, I’m in! Where do we get naked!? 

I work out of my home studio in Columbia, TN. If you would like to hold your session in a different location, Let's Chat!!

Some rules to be aware of. Yes, rules.

These are very intimate sessions and I like to work a certain way to maintain your comfort and mine. 


Can I bring a friend or partner? 

With pictures of such an intimate nature, having an audience is not the way to go. I want all of your attention and you will have all of mine. If you feel more comfortable having someone come with you, they will need to wait outside during the session.  


If I am late, can my appointment go over? 

Unfortunately we cannot extend a session when a client is late. Our days are scheduled and we have other appointments we need to keep. Please do all you can to be on time.


Cancellations and Order Changes

If the client cancels the appointment no money paid to Kristy Louise Studios will be returned. We will keep this to help compensate for loss of business. If an appt needs to be rescheduled, it is at the discretion of the photographer. Due to the custom nature of the product, once an order is placed, it is considered final. A package cannot be downgraded or changed. The package must be paid in full to receive the product. Any payment not made within 60 days is considered cancelled and no money paid will be returned. 


We will never share any of your information with any other person or company. 


We will never share your photos without your written consent

Your incredible stylist!!

One of our amazing hair and make up artist!

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